EFM: Education for Ministry, New Zealand
Upcoming Events
EfM Information Events
Meet EfM graduates and current EfM members, and find out what EfM is all about. More about upcoming Information events will be added as soon as details are finalised.
If you are interested in starting or joining an EfM group in your district, please contact Valda.
Contact for information: Valda McBeth
Basic & In-service Mentor Training
Mentor training events will provide basic training for new mentors, as well as in-service training in the curriculum for current mentors.
Dates: Friday 8th June 2018 (12noon - 6pm),
  Saturday 9th June 2018 (9am - 4pm)
Venue: St Luke’s Church, 2 Mangati Road, Bell
Block, New Plymouth
Contacts for information: Valda McBeth
Dates: To be Confirmed
Venue: To be Confirmed
Contacts for information: Jean Malcolm
To support the life of EfM groups and provide for the possibility of new groups forming, we need mentors who are trained in the necessary skills to facilitate co-learning groups.
A mentor is not an expert, or a tutor, but a co-learner with group members who has the added group skills to ensure that a safe, honest, non-judgmental learning environment is fostered.
If you think that you might have what it takes to be a mentor, and/or are interested in in stepping into the adventure that is EfM, please contact either the Executive Officer or an EfM Trainer:
Tricia Carter
Erice Fairbrother
Jean Malcolm


Going to Mentor Training does not commit you to being a mentor!